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Asiatic Golden Cat

The Asiatic Golden Cat or Temminck's Golden Cat is a medium-sized, well-proportioned cat with short round ears, about twice the size of a cat. The Asian Golden Cat lives throughout Southeast Asia, ranging from Tibet and Nepal to Southern China, India, and Sumatra. It prefers forest habitat and is found in deciduous, subtropical evergreen, and tropical rainforests.
Asiatic Golden Cats weighs around 12- 16 kilograms. They are around 90 cm in length. In captivity this species can live up to 20 years, but its average lifespan in the wild is likely far shorter.

The Asiatic Golden Cat prefers to hunt on the ground, but does climb when it needs to. It is known to hunt birds, lizards, rodents, and the occasional small or young deer, and seems to be quite adaptable in its diet.
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