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Anemia is a condition in which the red blood cell reduces in the body and thus resulting in lack of iron and hemoglobin. The deficiency of hemoglobin results in poor functioning of the respiratory system, as it carries oxygen from lungs to other body parts. The reasons for anemia can be hemorrhage or blood-loss, excessive blood cell destruction or inadequate production of RBC in body.

Some of the home treatment methods of anemia are listed below:

  • Take a cup of beetroot juice and a cup of apple juice with honey or sugar. This speeds up RBC production.
  • Eat a ripe banana with two-tea spoon honey twice a day.
  • Eat Indian gooseberry or orange. These fruits help speed up iron absorption to body.
  • Drink a cup of tomato juice mixed with apple juice once in four hours.
  • Take lot of seafood, liver, egg yolk, chick peas, green peas, broccoli, raisins and dates.
  • Don’t drink carbonated beverages, coffee, tea and cow’s milk. They prevent absorption of iron especially when a person suffers from anemia.
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