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The term allergy applies to an abnormal reaction by your immune system to a substance that is usually not harmful. Allergies come in a variety of forms and vary in severity from mildly bothersome to life-threatening.

Allergies can be prevented by taking care of certain things like:

  • Intake of vitamin B5 gives a great relief to the person suffering from allergy. Consume it in a dose of 100 mg everyday for about a month.
  • Consume a dose of 400 mg of vitamin E on a daily basis for about 4 to 6 weeks, as this vitamin possesses anti allergy properties. It is the best home remedy for allergy.
  • In half cup of fruit or vegetable juice or simply water, add about 5 drops of castor oil and drink it empty stomach in the morning.
  • For any kind of allergy, limejuice is the most popular remedy. In a glass containing lukewarm water mix 1 tsp honey, add ½ tsp limejuice. Drink it everyday in the morning for several months. But the ones who are allergic to citrus fruits should not take this remedial measure.
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