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43 new trains introduced

Railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav on Friday announced the introduction of 43 new trains and kept freight rates unchanged.

During his tenure so far, 604 new trains were introduced, in addition to 105 local trains.

Ahead of the vote on account exercise, Yadav had inaugurated several railway-related projects in Bihar, and sanctioned projects worth Rs. 55, 000 crore in the past one month.

Between April 1 and January 31(2008-09), the Railways earned Rs 57, 282 crore compared to Rs 50,765 crore during the same period in 2007-08, registering an increase of 12.84 per cent.

The total revenue is expected to cross Rs.70, 000 crore this fiscal. Last year, the Railways' earned profits of nearly 20,000 crore.

The Indian Railways are the second largest railroad in the world under a single management, running more than 11,000 trains every day, 7,000 of which are for passengers.

The network comprises 108,706 km and ferries 14 million passengers daily from 6,853 stations across the length and breadth of the country. This is the reason why it is the only ministry that has a separate budget.

List of 43 new trains:-

1. Bilaspur-Tirunelveli via Thiruvananthapuram Express (Weekly)

2. Ranchi-Jaynagar Express (Tri-Weekly)

3. Secunderabad-Manuguru Superfast (Daily)

4. Mumbai-Karwar Superfast (Tri-weekly)

5. Bhopal-Lucknow Junction Garib Rath Express (Weekly)

6. Durg-Jaipur Express (Weekly)

7. Chhatrapati Sahu terminal (Kolhapur)-Dhanbad Link Service via Parasnath (Weekly)

8. Sengottai-Erode Passenger (Daily)

9. Dibrugarh Town-Chandigarh Express (Weekly)

10. Ajmer-Bhagalpur via Delhi Garib Rath Express (Bi-Weekly)

11. Nizamuddin-Bangalore via Kacheguda Rajdhani Express (Tri-weekly)

12. Barauni-Delhi Jan Sadharan Superfast (Bi-weekly)

13. Mumbai-Varanasi Superfast (Daily)

14. Mysore-Yesvantpur Express (Daily)

15. Jamalpur-Gaya Passenger

16. Korapur-Rourkela Express via Rayagada (Daily)

17. Agra-Ajmer Superfast (Daily)

18. Sitamarhi-Patna Link Service (Daily)

19. Tiruchirapalli-Madurai Express (Daily)

20. Mumbai-Bikaner Superfast (Bi-weekly)

21. Jaynagar-Ajmer Link Service (Bi-weekly)

22. Agra-Lucknow Junction Shatabdi Express (Daily)

23. Gandhidham-Kolkata Superfast (Weekly)

24. New Delhi-Guwahati Rajdhani Express via Bhagalpur (Weekly)

25. Mumbai-Tirunelveli Superfast via Thiruvananthapuram (Bi-weekly)

26. Jammu Tawi-Darbhanga Garib Rath Express (Weekly)

27. Saharsa-Delhi Express via Patna (Weekly)

28. Gwalior-Bhopal Intercity Express via Guna (Five days a week)

29. Coimbatore-Tuticorin Link Service (Daily)

30. Howrah-Haridwar Superfast (Five days a week)

31. Machhalipatnam-Mumbai Superfast (Bi-weekly)

32. Varanasi-Jammu Tawi Superfast (Daily)

33. Gorakhpur-Mumbai Superfast (Daily)

34. Jhajhar-Patna

35. New Delhi-Palwal

36. New Delhi-Guwahati Rajdhani Express via Muzaffarpur (Weekly)

37. Veraval-Mumbai Link Service (Daily)

38. Ranchi-Patna Jan Shatabdi (Daily)

39. Jhansi-Chhindwara Superfast (Bi-weekly)

40. Mumbai-Jodhpur Express (Weekly)

41. Hajipur-Bagaha Link Service

42. Howrah-Delhi Link Service via Azimganj-Bhagalpur (Weekly)

43. Sitamarhi-Delhi Garib Rath Express via Patna (Weekly)


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